Mass Effect 3

I’ll start this off with a non-spoilery image, but be warned, this contains SPOILERY IMAGES. There.
Mucking around with a variety of different AA options in these screens. From MSAA to Supersampling to 4xSGSSAA, Mass Effect 3 hates all of them. Getting rid of jaggies int his game is a pain in the ass.

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No, i havent reached that ending yet. So i’m currently still enjoying ME3. Though im guessing all that will change soon. I’m honestly kinda looking forward to the ending, i mean, how bad can it possibly be that the entire internets are up in arms over it? Is it just a 10 minute sex scene between Joker & Shepard? Shepard is reaper all along directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong?
Oh well, whatever it is, its pretty.

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