Crysis 2

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Nothing fancy here, just messing about in the latest build of Cryengine SDK. I might see if i can get rid of the hud for some nicer shots, but it’s a bit unstable as it is so im not sure how that’ll work out! With Crysis 3 in development, this latest build of Cryengine is most likely what it’s being developed on, so you can expect Crysis 3 to look rather similar (and probably less like the bullshots EA released the other day)

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Crysis 2. I dont think there’s ever been a more divisive game. Crysis purists hated it for dumbing down the great Crysis gameplay. Console Peasants loved it because all of a sudden they had a game that didnt look like some sub-HD slop all over their screens. Personally, i was somewhere in between. It wasn’t as fun as Crysis, it was dumbed down to appeal to your average inbred CoD fan, but goddamn was it pretty.

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