At the moment I’ve installed too many mods to remember off the top of my head here. I’ve spent 18 hours playing it, probably half of those modding it. Picking it up for 10 quid in the Sales was either a great idea, or a really awful one.

WARNING: Most of these are photos of the female Character im using. Yes, im slightly obsessed with her. It’s completely pathetic and feel free to make fun of me for it. At some point i’ll do screenshots of something else! I recently saw the ‘this is what skyrim looks like with 100 mods’ article that was doing the rounds. It looked lovely, but the guy was only getting 3FPS at times apparently. Well this is what the game looks like with maybe 20 mods installed. These screenshots are all 100% in-game, with a lowest FPS dip of about 30. Inside caves/towers etc its pretty much solid 60FPS.


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