Dark Souls – Prepare to Die

Prepare to die was what most people did when they heard about the PC port of Dark Souls. A port so barebones Michael Jackson would’ve offered to buy it for his private Museum, were he not dead. A locked framerate, and a locked framebuffer that just upscaled the image to match your screen resolution meant this port was going to go down in history as the ugliest conversion since Larry Wachowski’s sex change. That is, until one man changed all that. All hail Dark Souls – Durante Edition.

Durante’s fix for Dark Souls adds in a fantastic downsampling feature: all these screens are 2560×1600, Durantes fix meaning the internal resolution is almsot twice what my actual monitor resolution is (1680×1050).
The rest of the settings here are using DSfix 1.2, internal res 2560×1600, Depth of field distance 1080, SMAA High.
I’ll work on more Screenshots of more varied locations and Armour permutations, but for now this is all i’ve got.


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