bioshock 2012-07-03 16-56-55-79

Ah Bioshock. What a game. It really is one of the finest games this gen, if you ignore everything after the big Reveal that is.
I always get the urge to play it around summertime, and this time i modded it with a free camera and nohud command. Its also using 8X SSAA.

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-56-28-23

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-54-18-57

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-52-53-43

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-32-13-64

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-57-36-71

bioshock 2012-07-03 16-29-00-99


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