Monthly Archives: April 2012

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CD Projekt RED are awesome. Any other company probably would have charged money for half of what they’ve released for The Witcher 2 by now. But instead they’ve not only given us a couple of fairly hefty title updates, now PC owners get everything that’s extra in the console release for free. So to celebrate, here’s a few screens from the game’s prologue.

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Being a lowly peasant Junior Member of SMS’s Project C.A.R.S, im way behind with this build, but its the latest junior build and have a rather awesome new car in it that made a stirring in my pants with how amazing it’s model is.

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Nothing fancy here, just messing about in the latest build of Cryengine SDK. I might see if i can get rid of the hud for some nicer shots, but it’s a bit unstable as it is so im not sure how that’ll work out! With Crysis 3 in development, this latest build of Cryengine is most likely what it’s being developed on, so you can expect Crysis 3 to look rather similar (and probably less like the bullshots EA released the other day)

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