Silent Hill 2/3 for PC – How to guide

Silent Hill HD Collection was the entry in the series that really should’ve been called Shattered Memories. As thats exactly what it’s done for most people. However there is hope, as if you can afford a copy of SH 2/3 off Ebay for PC, or if you have one lying around already, or if youre a filthy pirate, and want to get them running on Windows 7/Vista, help is at hand.

Silent Hill 2

The best game in the series, in my opinion, but also the hardest to run on modern hardware.
First and foremost, your gonna need to fix your resolution.  Download Squizzys Resolution Fixer here:

Extract that folder and youll see 2 files. One is the resolution patcher, and the other is a cracked .exe.
Put the both files in your silent hill 2 installation folder. Run the res patcher, and select your desired resolution. Thats it! Youll now be able to play SH2 in whatever proper widescreen res you like. But it’s not that simple to get it actually running. 

SH2 hates Multicore CPUs like Jews hate Pork. Delicious, Juicy Pork. And what with it being 2012, i’m assuming the majority of you run multicore CPUs unless you’re reading this from the middle of a Bedouin camp and you’re only on a laptop running Win XP and an AMD Athlon or something.

First thing you need to do is set the sh2pc.exe to run as an administrator, (if you have the game installed in “x:\program files(x86)\silent hill 2” you WONT be able to save your game unless you run it as an Admin, installed anywhere else is fine, so id recommend installing into “C:\Games” for sake of easiness) and run in compatibility mode for Windows XP, Service Pack 2. 

Now the pain in the arse bit. Fire up the game, and select advanced options, and bump up all your graphics options, and turn advanced filters\lens flare ON. DON’T touch the resolution. Even if it says 800×600 or something as your res, leave it alone, or you’ll fuck up the res patcher and have to do it all over again. Right, now quit the game, and open up your Nvidia Control panel/ATI control centre, and set your desired AA options on the game. The game is totally undemanding so bump that shit up to like 32xAA or whatever the hell you like.

Now the last, and most important part. With SH2 hating on multicore CPUs, whenever you want to play the game, once you get  to the title screen, before starting a game, alt+tab out of the game, then bring up task manager (ctrl+shift+esc), and right click on sh2pc.exe and set its affinity to only ONE core. Doesn’t matter which one, just as long as its one core only. Also worth noting that when i tried this at first, it told me access was denied. So in order to do it, i had to click on ‘show processes from all users’ in task manager first, and then it let me set the affinity to only 1 core. This will stop pretty much all the bugs i encountered, freezing, awful lag (1 FPS!!!), looping sound, and cutscenes pausing after a second and not progressing unless you skip them. You have to set the affinity every time you play the game, which is a pain but it’s worth it. Some people say you can create a batch file to start the game with affinity set to 1 core, but i tried it, and even tho it launches the game, the affinity was still on all 4 cores. Tt’s also worth mentioning that my 360 pad worked straight away with both games. No tinkering required, however i did have to change the button layouts as they’re all over the place by default!

But that’s it! All done. More Screenshots!

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  1. 30W said:

    To set the affinty in the shortcut i put in this command:
    C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START “Tomb Raider” /high /affinity 1 “E:\Silent Hill 2\sh2pc.exe”

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      Thanks for that, i had tried setting the affinity via a batch file, but even tho it ran the game, it was still running it on all 4 cores

  2. 30W said:

    edit: Where tomb raider can be any name offcourse, otherwise the command doesn’t know what to do.


  3. manfred said:

    Problem with SH2:
    The cracked exe from Squizzys Resolution Fixer demands a CD to start Silent Hill 2.
    But I’m a filthy pirate and using a downloaded version from SH2.
    Any solution for this?

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      It shouldnt demand a CD, are you sure youre using the correct exe?
      I just copied and pasted from squizzys respatcher and it launched without a hitch

      • manfred said:

        I found a solution for my problem: It doesn’t have to be an original CD1, so I mounted the CD1 ISO in Alcohol 52% (or Daemon Tools or whatever)

  4. Carl said:

    Thank you very much
    now i can run Silent Hill 2

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      glad to be of help!

  5. TMST said:

    No 1280×1024 resolution? 😦

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      This guide is for widescreen resolutions, the game probably natively supports 1280×1024 as its an older 4:3 resolution

  6. Cear said:

    What about other languages??

    I put it on spanish and in game subtitles work fine, but menus doesn’t. All options end whit “spa”. And the sound … Strill glitch.

    I can’t applied the official patch for sound cause it says “sh2pc.exe skipped” and then the install ends. Have tried patch the cracked and the original exe and does not matter it still saying “skipped”.

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      Im afraid i cant help you with subtitles, but if youre having audio glitches, chances are the game is still running on more than 1 core. Have you checked that? Just set its affinity to a single core and it fixed all audio glitches for me

  7. Ub said:

    I can’t edit disp.ini, what do I do?

  8. starejoe said:

    I can’t get the FOV hack for SH3 to work, no matter what I do. I copied the .exe to my SH3 directory, ran it, changed the width and height, started up SH3, loaded my save, pressed ‘*’ and nothing happened. Really frustrated here.

    • You have to leave the FOV hack running in the background, happy to help

  9. Never have I been so frustrated by PC games. After tinkering with all of these fixes, I finally uninstalled and re-installed both games again. Silent Hill 2 I finally got running by doing everything here, but I cannot access the options menu, it crashes every time (I want to be able to play with my PS3 controller)

    Silent Hill 3 on the other hand, the re-install didn’t do anything for it. At least it runs, and the FOV fix works, but the resolution doesn’t change at all. It stays the same, not 1080p.

  10. I doubt anyone would reply but I am running Silent Hill 3 on Windows 8 and even though I go in the game and edit the items under options, the disp.ini file has never showed up! Has this happen to anyone???

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