Silent Hill HD


No, im afraid these arent from the actual Silent Hill HD Collection. Because the official HD remake of Silent Hill 2 & 3 are Hatchet Jobs made by complete hacks who have little to no respect for their source material and rushed out the worst HD remake of all time. These however, are taken from the almost 10 year old PC versions. Which is an actual HD version that isn’t complete garbage!

The PC version of SH2 can be a bugger to get working properly. I’ll go into how to get them running properly in a later post. Just how good these games manage to look in 2012 is a mystery, and it makes it all the more lamentable that Hijinx (the team of monkeys drafted in to make this HD-demake) managed to take source material like this and somehow make it look absolutey awful.

NB: Ive cropped out the borders in the screenshots from cutscenes. Due to the widescreen resolution fixes, it makes the borders even larger than normal.


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