Mass Effect 3 – Freecamera Mod Guide

Now this is more like it. Finally got a free camera mod for ME3 working, so expect a few more ME3 posts coming up soon. For now i only had time to take a few shots around the Citadel/Normandy. I’ll include a little tutorial for adding the free camera too, so read on!

First off, AA in this game SUCKS. The in game AA is functional but not ideal. Trying to get AA with Nvidia inspector is fiddly as fuck but works well. Int he end, i went with an FXAA injector for these shots as it means i didn’t have to prick about with Nvidia Inspector anytime i want to play ME3.


So anyway, about that free camera mod. Heres a quick how to:

1 – Download this Program. It will allow you to edit your coalesced.bin (found in your Origin Games/Mass Effect 3/BIOGame/CookedPCConsole) file for Mass Effect 3. Might be a good idea to make a backup of your Coalesced.bin before doing this, just to be safe!!

2 – Use the program to open your Coalesced.bin file. Go to bioinput.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxgamemodeflycam -> bindings = (multiple) and in an empty space at the bottom add ( Name=”F1″, Command=”ToggleFlyCam” ). You can also add a toggle HUD command by replacing “ToggleFlyCam’ with “ToggleHUD”. (you don’t have to use F1, any free key will work. I bound them to F1 and F2 myself tho)

3 – Also in bioinput.ini -> sfxgame go to -> sfxgamemodedefault -> bindings = (multiple) and add the same command at the bottom. ( Name=”F1″, Command=”ToggleFlyCam” )

4 – Save & Exit. Done!



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