Crysis - My Forest

The fact that Computer & Videogames seem to think that this blurry washed out low res screen of Crysis 1 is “what nextbox and PS3 games could look like” made me laugh heartily. Then i fired up Crysis and enjoyed what is apparently “Next Gen Gaming”, this gen. Proving once and for all that PC’s are in fact time machines.

Sadly i dont have the original resolution of these shots to hand, but will upload them once i find them.
Original size was 1680×1050, downsampled by Flickr.
Custom maps: My forest, Hunters Life, Mountains, and Amazonia river
Nohud command

Crysis - My Forest

Crysis - My Forest

Crysis - My Forest

Crysis - Amazonia River map

Crysis - My Forest map

  1. great shot buddy. I wonder what is your machine specification? I haven’t played Crysis yet. I’m (still) playing FarCry, Batman Arkham Asylum, Silent Hill 2&3, Max Payne 1. Playing 5 games between studying and teaching is very hard. 🙂

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      Thanks! Those crysis shots were actually done on my old gfx card which was an ati 4870. Ive since upgraded to a geforce 560ti 2gb edition, and the rest is a quad q6600, with 8gb ram and windows 7 ultimate.
      Im currently trying to juggle a new wife, a new kitten AND game time so i feel where youre coming from!

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