Doom 3 – Mod Tutorial

I love Doom 3, it’s a game that i think suffered a pretty harsh fan backlash more or less just down to the fact that Half Life 2 was released a few weeks later. It’s actually held up really well however, in an FPS world where hand holding, linearity, and watching pompusly grandiose cutscenes are the norm, Doom 3’s straight up no frills shooting is almost a breath of fresh air.
There’s no artsy screenshots here (not yet, im working on that), this is a mod tutorial to get Doom 3 looking like a whole new game for 2012

The mods used here are fairly straightforward to install, were using Wulfen’s textures, and Sikkmod.


As of July 2013, both mods can be downloaded in a single file from here
This installs Sikkmod 1.2 and Wulfens textures, AND enabled POM by default. All you need to do is unzip it to your Doom 3 folder!! Simple!

This mod tutorial is now depricated

Another texture mod we’ll be using is Monoxead’s high res textures, which you can download here. Sadly it seems like monoxead has stopped developing this mod as his site hasnt been updated since 2010, and all the download links there are long dead.

Installing Sikkmod
Install Sikkmod FIRST. This will make it easier to get Wulfens textures workign in conjunction with Sikkmod. Just extract the sikkmod folder to your Doom 3 Directory. So you should have a folder structure like C:\program files\Doom 3\sikkmod. And thats sikkmod installed. You can launch Doom 3 and go into the mods section and launch sikkmod fromt here.

Installing Wulfen’s
Just extract the folders ‘models’, ‘textures’, and ‘parralax occlusion mapping’ into your sikkmod folder. Now if you want POM to work, you have to have a folder in your sikkmod folder called ‘glprogs’.

Go into the ‘parralax occlusion mapping’ folder, and find a folder called POM. Copy and paste interaction.vpt and test.vpt into the glprogs folder in doom3\sikkmod (create the glprogs folder if it isnt there).

Your folder structure should end up looking like this

And that should get wulfens textures running alongside sikkmod.
Now the fun part. Trying it out!
For comparison, here’s Vanilla Doom 3

and with sikkmod/wulfens

The POM effect is partucularly noticeable on the left hand side wall.







On page 2, a few examples of the best use of POM in the game.

    • thefacepalmedgamer said:

      ill give it a try…bedanken!! 😀

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