I’m in love with a man named Nvidia

Nvidia Garage

So I’ve been mucking about with more Tech Demos and whatnot since upgrading my old 4870 to the 560 ti Twin Frozr.. It’s a brave new world of Tesselation, DX11, and worrying about setting my PC on fire.

Nvidia Garage

This sort of stuff looks fantastic, obviously, but being Ray Traced it’s pretty much impossible to be used in real time 3D gaming. Still damn impressive to watch your GPU rendering this stuff from an ugly pixellated mess into what you see here.

Some stuff that is real time however

I guess im a bit late to the party with the whole stone giant demo. I remember seeing that a couple of years ago. However it’s still pretty cool to be able to try it out for oneself.
The leap in performance between cards is ridiculous. Most of my games have doubled their framerate, and allowed me to max out nearly all, if not all, settings.

Some of the most obvious improvements are in Alan Wake, which has jumped from FXAA high, MSAA off, @ 25-30FPS, to FXAA on, 4XMSAA, @50-60FPS.

Another impressive leap is BF3. Previously ran on High settings (textures on ultra), no MSAA, @25-30 FPS. Again, now it can run on all Ultra settings, 4XMSAA, @ 50-60FPS, sometimes dipping to a low of 35 in a large firefight.

So yeah, Nvidia. Awesome stuff.


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