GTA 4 – ICEnhancer 2.0

GTA 4 – ICEnhancer 2.0 1.25

So yeah, i cant get iCE 2.0 to work. The game wont even start if i try and install it. My confidence was also shaken somewhat by opening the install folder to see a file in it named “IT DOESNT LOOK VERY GOOD”.  So what i did was reinstall 1.25 and marvel at the best version of iCEnhancer so far.

It is my humble opinion that every iteration of iCEnhancer post release 1.25, has been frankly, pretty shitty. Any screenshots ive seen have been underwhelming at best, ugly as sin at worst. I could downgrade my install of GTA4 to 1.0.4 now that i dont have to worry about shit ATI drivers, but to be honest ive got too many custom cars, skins, and mods installed to be bothered doing it all over again just to try out version 2.0, unless someone can convince me otherwise. for now, the glory of 1.25:


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