Alan Wake

I bloody loved Alan Wake when it came out on 360. It looked great, played great, and was pretty darn great. But i couldn’t shake the feeling that all along i was playing a stripped down version of what Remedy had initially envisioned for Wake. We may never get to see what the open world setting was like, but at least with the PC version, we can now see how Remedy originally intended for the game to look. And it looks fucking gorgeous.

Like Crysis 2, one of Wakes best features are its post effects. The lighting from the Flaregun or explosions is excellently done. And even though the textures can be a bit rough up close (nowhere near as bad as Rage’s abominations however), the post effects hide a multitude of sins, and overall make Wake one of the best looking games available.

These were taken @

Max LOD & Draw Distance
Godrays off


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