Monthly Archives: February 2012

Max Payne 2

I don’t know quite how Remedy managed to make a game that looks this good almost 10 years later, but they have.  It really is a testament to the quality of their artists that Max Payne 2 could pretty much pass for a modern game at first glance. It’s also one of the reasons im totally not excited about Max Payne 3. I personally think Rockstar aren’t half the talent Remedy are.

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Star Wars - The Force Unleashed

TFU stinks of “bad console port” like it was a new fragrance from David & Victoria Beckham. Yet i cant find it in my heart to hate this game, because despite being locked at 30FPS (fucking WHAT), it looks gorgeous. There’s no native AA option but forcing AA via your card seems to work well, and doesn’t even have an impact on performance, because it’s locked at 30FPS anyway!

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Metro 2033, one of my favourite games of 2010 on 360, which i was finally able to play on PC in 2011, and now can finally run in DX11 mode in 2012. I’d say iv’e recouped the initial cost of the game now that ive finished it about 5 times and spent over 25 hours on it according to steam! So lets take a look at this tesselation stuff!

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